Claude Dia (Handmade Crafts) aims at creating the most original glass products that express Nature, Light and Beauty.  It is founded by Claudia Ip in 2010.  The founder's favourite idol is French impressionist Claude Monet, so she splits her name "Claudia" into "Claude Dia" in pursuit of Monet's spirit on light capturing.

Feel the warmth of human hands, for each piece of work is unique in this world.  From design til production, each glass is individually handcrafted.

Claude Dia (Handmade Crafts) 以自然,光與美為宗旨,創作出有趣而獨特的玻璃產品。品牌由Claudia Ip於2010年成立。由於從小就喜歡法國印象派畫家Claude Monet(莫內), 所以把自已的名字Claudia變成 Claude Dia, 希望作品同樣能帶給人們光亮自然的美好感覺。


The Unique Gift 


the Unique One

Claude Monet

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